Skylore: Rules of conduct
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Rules of conduct

Our Game provides a fun and safe environment for player interaction through various chats (world, private, group, and technical support channels). We encourage player cooperation and competitions within the Game, but crossing the line into abuse is never acceptable. If you see a player violating any of the rules below, please let us know at [email protected].

1. Text chat

The Skylore Text Chat includes the World Chat, Group Chat, Private Messages, and the Technical Support Communication Channel. Note that the account owner is entirely responsible for the content of their messages in the Text Chat, regardless of the actual author of the offending communication.

The following are prohibited in the Text Chat:

  • links to any website on the Internet in any written language;
  • meaningless, repetitive, or non-semantic messages (flooding);
  • obscene or abusive language, words, and consonant with them in any written language, including transliteration;
  • personal and group insults or humiliation based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, or other topics that violate common decency and morality;
  • discrimination and promoting discrimination on any basis, including national, racial, religious, ethnic, or sexual;
  • political and religious propaganda;
  • any form of advertising, including advertising for third-party game projects;
  • distribution of information that violates the laws of the Russian Federation;
  • any other kind of provocative behavior;
  • advocating for the use of drugs, psychotropic substances, alcohol, tobacco, or sharing pornography;
  • any manifestation of Nazism, nationalism, racial, ethnic, or religious hatred, as well calls for violent government overthrow;
  • discussion of techniques for circumventing software protection and other illegal means of bypassing software security;
  • attempts to impersonate a Developer, Project Official (Forum or Chat Moderator, Community Coordinator, or Game Master), or Project Representative;
  • discussion on the purchase, sale, and trading of accounts;
  • trading or offering to trade in-game items for real-world currency;
  • inciting other players to break the Game Rules and the License Agreement;
  • threats of and/or references to violence in any capacity outside of the Game world.

Any player may choose to block personal messages from any other player at their discretion.

2. Names

Names are subject to the same rules established above.

The following are prohibited in Nicknames, Guild Names, and Guild Descriptions:

  • obscene or abusive language, words, and consonant with them in any written language, including transliteration;
  • proper names of political, public, or historical figures or entities that might stir up discussions about current social or political issues, including political slogans;
  • words, phrases, and idioms related to drugs, psychotropic substances, alcohol, tobacco, and their use;
  • words and phrases that violate the laws of the Russian Federation or general principles of ethics and morality;
  • words and phrases resembling or identical to the Nicknames of Game Administrators, Moderators, or Developers.

If you violate any of the above rules, the Game Administration has the right to change your Nickname, Guild Name, or Guild Description, and in the case of repeated violations, to suspend your account, reassign your Guild leadership to another Guild member, or impose other penalties at their discretion, without compensation for the forced Name change.

3. Types of Penalties Applied by the Administration of Skylore

3.1. Temporary partial restriction of access to the Game (temporary ban) or some of its functions (mute in the Game Chat):

  • violations of the above mentioned rules;
  • aggressive behavior in the Game or Game Chat that is not intended by the logic and mechanics of Skylore.

3.2. Permanent (full) restriction of access to the Game:

  • creating an account with the intent to violate the Rules of Conduct and/or to circumvent a previous restriction of access;
  • using someone else’s account or disclosing your account information;
  • exploiting in-game or software bugs, errors, or glitches that interfere with the intended functioning of the Game, as well as failing to report such bugs, errors, or glitches;
  • using third-party software that affects the Game Client or in-game actions, either directly or indirectly
  • repeated violations of the Game Rules.

The Game Administration reserves the right to impose penalties at their discretion for actions that are not explicitly covered by these rules, or that are intended to circumvent punishments already in place.

4. Changes to the Skylore Game Rules

  • these Rules are effective upon publication.
  • the Game Administration may amend and supplement these rules without prior notice to players.