Skylore: FAQ
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What is Skylore?

Skylore is a new mobile MMORPG with PvP, PvE, a talent system, colorful 2D graphics and a vibrant open world.

We invite everyone who loves MMORPG, fantasy, adventure and plays on mobile devices to join Skylore and take part in the development of the project!

How to start playing?

You can download and install the Game from official online application stores, Google Play or AppStore.

How to contact the developers and communicate with other players?

Dedicated Discord server and forum, where you can communicate with developers, ask your questions, post bug reports and wishes for the development of the project.

What's in the game?

A flexible system for leveling and customizing a character and their equipment

Challenge different classes, level up, and experiment with talents, abilities, and equipment to create your own character!

  • 6 playable races — variety of looks to choose from.
  • 5 classes with different combat mechanics — Guardian, Shadow, Hunter, Wizard, Alchemist.
  • Flexible character development system — 150+ talents for each class, customization of skills for different play styles.
  • Equipment upgrade system to create the perfect set of gear.
  • Leveling up to level 34 — without auto-battle or auto-questing — progress and victory depend only on your actions.

Online battles in the open world and special modes

Prove your skills in multiplayer battles!

  • Dungeons — group PvE mode with tactical battles with monsters in changing locations.
  • Treaties with Gorgorushes is a dynamic PvE mode for fighting waves of monsters in selected locations.
  • 3x3 Arena is a team PvP mode in Tower Defense, Fight to the Death, or Headhunting formats. Leagues and ratings.
  • Battlefield — PvP battle royale mode.
  • Adamant Caves are a network of PvPvE locations with quests and battles simultaneously with monsters and other players.
  • Guild Wars — GvG events for battles with other players in open world locations.

Co-op mechanics and content

Play with friends and other players together — get much more fun in group game content!

  • Join a guild or create your own — complete assignments, raid powerful bosses and participate in guild wars.
  • Form a party of 4 to play with allies.
  • Use matchmaking of allies in special modes to play with random players.
  • Chats and friends lists — chat with players from all over the world.

Rich universe

The ever-expanding worlds of Arinar and Skylore are thought through and bright in every detail!

  • A unique story with 50+ story and 140+ side quests, 200+ daily quests and 6 dynamically changing zones.
  • Two storylines tied to different playable races. Complete both to learn the whole story!
  • 12 large territories and 70+ locations.
  • Amazing graphics, animations, effects, sounds and music.

And now let's answer some questions in more detail:

What languages is the game translated into?

The game is available in Russian, English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. In the future, we plan to localize into other languages.

Are there any age restrictions?

The age rating of the game is 12+.

What are the minimum system requirements?

Minimum requirements:

  • Android 7.0 and above and iOS 10.0 and above mobile platforms
  • 1 Gb of RAM and 1 Gb of free space on the device

Will there be a PC version?

At the moment we plan to release Skylore in other app stores for mobile devices, after which we will definitely work on the PC version

For technical questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Please note that the game has the ability to make in-game purchases for real money. All transactions are subject to our License Agreement and Refund Policy.

We will regularly update the list of questions to keep it current.